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5 Key Differentiators That Set Chipton-Ross Apart From Our Competitors

  • In-house Proprietary Database
    Refreshed daily, containing over 250,000 candidates with expertise in large and small commercial aircraft, UAV, military, cargo and business jets, rotorcraft, spacecraft and many other engineering specialties ensuring a strong pool of candidates ready to fill your position.

  • Lower Mark-ups and Placement Fees
    By centralizing our recruiting, on-boarding, payroll, management and benefits teams we are able to pass the cost savings on to our clients.

  • Non-commissioned recruiters
    This highly supportive team environment encourages our recruiters to share resources, working collectively to exceed client expectations. We reward all staff, including recruiters, with generous company-wide bonuses rather than individual commissions.

  • Client Customizable Vendor Management System
    Chipton-Ross’ proprietary Vendor Talent Acquisition System (VTAS) is offered to all clients. This fully customizable Vendor Management System is designed to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

  • Financially Strong
    Chipton-Ross has a strong financial position with a large line of credit.

Additional Advantages we offer:

  • FAA Certified
  • Strong relationships with more than 50 qualified Associate Vendors for over seven years
  • Offload Engineering

Northrop Grumman published the following statement regarding Chipton-Ross’ capabilities upon announcing the World Class Recognition Award.

“Chipton-Ross has been able to fulfill many of the contract labor positions at various Northrop Grumman Corporation sites. The candidates they submit against open positions are all high level, dependable, and have been thoroughly screened by Chipton-Ross prior to employment to Northrop Grumman. Chipton Ross has been the most responsive of our 13 contract labor agencies currently possessing a Northrop Grumman Corporate Award. Turnaround time is quick and their process is extremely smooth, having aligned with our procedures/processes.”
— Northrop Grumman Corporation

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